Livestream and Record Like a Pro

the lack of affordable tools for high-quality live or pre-recorded videos?

an intuitive studio app to elevate your live video production?

seamlessly integrate branding elements like logos, images, or even videos into your live streams?

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Experience video recording and broadcasting without expensive studio budgets and professional crew

Enjoy the benefits of multi-camera recording and multi-platform streaming with one app and no mess of cables

Join Our Satisfied Customers and Benefit from Our App

Josh N

Freelance Videographer
Vancouver, Canada

“I need premium clients & easy bookings because I work solo”

Lucy W

Content Creator
Berlin, Germany

“I need content–tons of it–to fill up my content calendar for the month and I can’t call a videographer for everything”

Toby M

Mobile Journalist/Broadcaster
Florida, USA

“People want to see events as they unfold. I want to have live conversations with people on the street and hear their opinions”

Mimi N

Hatha Yoga Instructor
Sydney, Australia

“My online meditation and breathing classes are very popular but it’s been tricky to find a solution that’s enjoyable for those doing the excercises at home”

Tabetha J

Event Agency Owner
London, England

“My clients spend tens of thousands on big events and they want a pro recording of it so they can repurpose the content elsewhere. They can’t possibly hire a TV crew to do it”

Thomas F

New York, USA

“I need to weed out the property tourists and time wasters and find my enthusiastic buyers”

Nathalie P

Edinburgh, Scotland

“I run webinars, workshops, trainings and I need something we can use with minimal investment and learning curve”

Kay B

Video marketer/Live seller
Hong Kong, China

“Single-camera angle streams bore people. These days, buyers expect TV quality, engaging lives”

Join Our Satisfied Customers and Benefit from Our App

Hovik Hollander
Hovik Hollander
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„Great app - highly recommend it. The support team is great. Thanks again!”
Net Stream
Net Stream
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„Compact solution for livestreaming, studio streaming. I got what I expected.”
Jack Price
Jack Price
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"Works perfectly and comfortably- it's a great compact solution for mobile studio streaming"
Zoltan Kalmar
Zoltan Kalmar
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"This app is exactly what you need in 2022. It'll save your business money, and cut down on prep and post-production time. I don't know why nobody's come up with something like this before." - Proptech
Csongor Bias
Csongor Bias
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"This app makes broadcast-quality live streaming as easy as picking up the phone to call someone. You can even switch/mute mics independently and record with multiple camera angles in full HD... on your phone! This app spreads the icing thick on the live streaming cake." - First Monday Startups

Unlock affordable, high-quality video production

— envision the transformation this tool brings to your business.

Video Studio on Your Devices

Record and Live Stream on All Your Devices

Mix and match your smartphones, tablets, MacBook, and MILC/DSLR cameras.

Link up to 12 devices for multi-angle live production.

Wireless setup and connection.

Control multiple audio channels.

Smooth transitions and fading.

Stream Live to Your Preferred Platform

Single-Click Connection Makes Going Live a Breeze

HD (720p) and Full HD (1080p) streaming.

Local recording.

Glitch-free broadcasting with zero delay.

Stream to anywhere, anytime with Custom RTMP.

Direct integration with YouTube and Facebook.

Integrate Logos, Layers, and Media

Enhance Your Production with Creative Elements

Graphics, logos, and overlays.

Editable text.

Pre-recorded videos.



Record and Stream Multi-Angle Videos

Link All Devices in Your Kit

Android, iOS, HarmonyOS.

Tablets, smartphones, MacBook, and DSLR/MILC cameras.

Independent audio and video controls for each device.

Remote control.

White balance and zoom.

Apply an easy-to-use, affordable, pro solution for both beginner and
advanced content creators

Record and Broadcast Multi-Angle Videos

Link All Devices in Your Kit

Connect up to 12 devices (smartphones, tablets, MacBook, MILC/DSLR cameras)

Match your iOS, HarmonyOS and Android op systems

Apply wireless setup and connection

Control the audio and video for each device independently

Enjoy smooth transitions, fading, white balance and zoom functions

Stream Live to Your Preferred Platform

Make Going Live a Breeze with Single-Click Connection

Create video content in HD (720p) and Full HD (1080p)

Record locally and/or remotely

Livestream directly to Facebook or Youtube

Broadcast glitch-free
with zero delay

Stream to anywhere, anytime with Custom RTMP

Integrate Media and Creative Elements

Enhance Your Production Live or In Advance

Insert graphics, layers, logos, and branded elements

Add images, presentations and pre-recorded videos

Edit texts, titles and subtitles

Choose from various transition options

Create and catalog projects

Be part of our vision: Simplifying Studio Streaming for Everyone

Choose a product validated by global brands from different industries

Get lifetime access to RECnGO

for only $69!

Use your iOS and Android mobile devices for video, livestreaming production. Your smartphones and tablets with RECnGO are capeble to create a live video production. Use the same internet connection and link your device together.

Production with your iOS & Android smart devices, MacBook, and MILC / DSLR cameras.

Create a super excisting video - live stream production. Link up to 12 video sources for multianlge live streaming and you can record every camera angles each by one.

Link up to 12 devices for a multi-angle live production.

Use your mobile devices for video - livestreaming production. The RECnGO is a cross-platform (iOS & Android) application so if you have internet connection, and your devices are on the same network (router) wi-fi or shared 4G/5G you can link your devices together. Stream from anywhere around the world in any field.

Wireless connection (there is no need for cables).

We’ve built a mini sound mixer to give you the best microphone settings. Select the audio track you want to use. You can use the already highly built-in microphones of mobile devices anyway. If you use an extra camera source that is far away from your main device, there is no problem (no cables required) when you select a camera image, you can choose to include the audio track next to the image of that extra camera source.

Multiple audio channel control.

Connect your Facebook account easily and go live anytime. Page. Group, own wall, or private test streaming are all allowed. If you use RECnGO application during your Facebook livestream, the maximum 8-hour Facebook time with the RECnGO app is valid (as opposed to 4 hours limitation from a direct mobile).

Stream on your YouTube channel with RECnGO, no matter the number of your channel's subscribers.

Stream to almost any other platform thanks to the custom RTMP. Just enter your stream URL and you are ready to stream it.

Facebook, YouTube direct integration and Custom RTMP streaming.

Edit your livestream! Customize your video and create the best quality production. Add logos, graphics, text, pictures, on the livestream. If you can dream it, you can create it, so stream it with RECnGO!

Add layers (text, graphics), pictures or videos as a source.

RECnGO: Live stream like a pro
Pro streaming & videos