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Stunning live streams and video productions... fast (Broadcast-quality & glitch-free. Plus affordable.)

Imagine finally being able to hold your annual corporate event, selling a couple of hundred passes and getting some genuine hype around the whole thing from the trade… 

… only to realize, that you’re probably already too late to book a video crew and even if you did… it’d probably cost you more than what you’re willing to pay…

… so the event goes ahead while the intern from marketing tries their best to gather a few minutes worth of decent footage, enough to post on social media for the rest of the month.

Which is precisely what’s happening to too many businesses trying to jump on the power of video that growth marketing experts talk about. 

Sure, we also prefer to watch Glastonbury or the Burning Man in full HD via a pro production courtesy of OB vans, TV cameras, and a crew…

But there are plenty of events that don’t need all that (and are still worth watching!)

Trade shows, startup pitches, interviewing people on the street, guerilla marketing, promoting courses, selling shoes, clothes, homes or commercial properties, livestreaming funerals… even gamers deserve pro video production at a cost they can justify.

RECnGO offers an affordable, robust solution that most businesses (and their marketing department) can’t do without. 

The kind that thousands of events and businesses have already benefitted from (and wished it existed years ago).

Nothing trendy here… just a solid tool powering glitch-free pro productions that’ll help you keep up with your competitors who could be paying premium prices… for the same output. 

Grainy footage, stress, and important events going unnoticed are out.

Streaming live in full HD, stunning video productions and your every event recorded are in.

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Your biggest advocates for stunning video productions

Gábor Schwarz

Chief Revenue Officer

Gergely Szél

Chief Executive Officer

Bianka Muskovics

Product Development Manager

mariann roberts marketing manager

Mariann Roberts

Marketing Manager

Developing a powerful production studio app for industry professionals

Two founders meet while working in Geneva on separate projects

Collective thinking begins


RECnGO is born


App development starts

High-profile clients and events immediately take advantage of the new concept and technology

Müpa (Palace of Arts), the Budapest Spring Festival, and the CAFe Budapest Contemporary Art Festival all livestream their events with the RECnGO app


Several high-profile international events are livestreamed with the app, such as the Supermodel Of The Year 2018 Awards & the Central European Startup Awards

The Hungarian Marketing Association and the Sports Marketing Association become clients


Investor negotiations underway

Partnership with Hiventures

The Central European Startup Awards gala broadcasted live for the second time with the app

App available to download on Google Play and the App Store


Negotiations with Hiventures continue

Successful next round of capital disbursements

Concept of the app is refined

V2.0 available to download from Google Play


RECnGO is selected to be featured in Hiventures' annual Yearbook as one of the "Most promising innovative businesses" in their portfolio

Listed among the "TOP 100 Hungarian Digital Developments"

Raised HUF 250 million capital in September 2021

Featured in Forbes Magazine (HU)

Company joins the Google Startup Program

Several important app improvements


After vigorous development and testing, v2.6 is available for iOS and Android devices

Users can now add texts and graphic layers to their live streams and use fine transitions and fading

Automatic stream bitrate balancing ensures an up to 10-second buffer zone

2022 Collision (Toronto) exhibitors

L’Oréal becomes a client, which turns into a partnership

v3.0 available for iOS and Android devices, including a guided tour, tutorials, low latency mode & automatic bitrate balancing for external cameras

App launches in the Huawei AppGallery

2022 WebSummit (Lisbon) masterclass delivered by Gergely Szel on the Huawei stage

AppSumo launch


2023 Public Roadmap launch

Featured in Forbes Magazine (HU)

G2 partnership launch (incl. securing a spot on the G2 grid in the "High Performers" section within just four weeks)

Product Hunt launch

Deal Mirror launch

Capterra & Trust Pilot launches


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