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Video marketing

The number of online businesses has significantly increased in the last few years and video marketing has become one of the most effective marketing solutions. It’s no coincidence that all major sectors and brands use quality content to represent themselves and their products.

With RECnGO, you can professionally promote your business and products. Make better videos and create more money, grow your business effectively. The RECnGO application helps you create pro videos without editing experience and expensive extra gear and hardware.

You don't have to do post-production from now. So save time and make more money! The RECnGO app lets you edit videos easily in real-time. If you don't want to stream your content live, you can record it, and after the production, you can forward it immediately to your clients.

Do you need to use your or your client's logo in the video? No problem! With RECnGO you can do it easily.

Do you need to use additional information to educate your audience? You can insert videos, pictures, graphics, and texts in your video or use different layers so that you can create a super exciting live stream.

Do you need more than one camera angle? There is no need for a filming crew. If you wish, you can use up to 12 camera angles, sync them with RECnGO and switch between them by using our user-friendly dashboard.

If you want, you can stream your content live directly to Facebook (your profile, business page, or group) or YouTube (private or public). Use our app to supercharge your sales numbers or impress your customers with the most remarkable live streams. It's a great way to engage your audience.

Download and try our live video studio app for FREE NOW!

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