Sport events

Reach the widest possible audience and fans using live broadcasts.

Sport events

With RECnGO's user-friendly interface, you can broadcast your live sports events without any professional know-how like a pro. You can easily connect multiple smart devices (iOS/Android) to create a multicamera production. Then, stream it to Facebook or YouTube, or save it for later.

Use the layer functions to display scoreboards (edit it in real-time). Highlight the team logos during the live stream. You can easily add lower thirds to introduce the players during the interviews. Display sponsor logos to monetize the live stream. Insert pre-recorded videos or ready-made images into the live stream to make it more exciting and informative.

With the RECnGO app, you do not need to buy expensive studio equipment. Instead, use your smart devices (iOS/Android) for the different camera angles. If you wish, you can use up to 12 camera angles - sync them with RECnGO, then stream your content to the major social media platforms (Facebook/YouTube). The video stream can also be embedded in a website if you need to solve the live streaming this way.

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Sport events

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