A whole bunch of features are waiting for you in the RECnGO app

Get ready because it won’t be short, but in the end, that’s what makes the RECnGO app interesting to you.

On-the-fly video production with iOS and Android

The RECnGO studio application is a cross-platform application that means you can also use your iOS and Android devices simultaneously.
You don’t have to choose between platforms. Instead, mix it the way you like. For example: use an iPad for the dashboard and use Android smartphones for the camera views.

Live production

With the help of the application, you have the opportunity to edit it even immediately during the live broadcast.

Publish on major social media platforms

Want to reach a wider audience with your live broadcast? Connect directly to Facebook and stream to your profile, business page, or group (open or private). You can also stream to YouTube (public or private) if you like.

Edit your live stream

You can add images, videos, or even captions/texts and graphics. In addition, you can use up to 12 channels simultaneously. This can mean up to 12 different camera angles or 12 different media files.

Add extra camera angles

If you wish, you can use up to 12 camera angles, sync them with RECnGO and switch between them by using our user-friendly dashboard.

You only have to set up the camera angles before starting the stream, and you are ready to control the main and extra camera sources from the control panel.

You can use both Android and iOS devices as well simultaneously.

Optional custom RTMP output

Thanks to the custom RTMP feature, you can stream almost anywhere.

RTMP streaming allows you to stream almost anywhere. For example, you can use RTMP streaming on your website or other social media interfaces (e.g., Twitter) to stream live. With custom RTMP, you can even stream uniquely on Facebook. All you have to do is enter the server URL and the streaming key.

Advanced Record Mode

The whole video material from your live stream can be saved to your main device. Furthermore, you can also save the video materials from the other camera views per device. You can use these source materials anytime afterward.

Advanced remote control panel

Control every added extra camera source remotely. You can switch between the front and back cameras on every device, adjust the white balance, zoom in/out and switch the flash on or off.

Control everything remotely!

Fine transitions and fading

Set the fading or transition effect that suits your content the best. From left to right, top to bottom, and vice versa. Just the way you'd like it. You can even change the setup during the show. Create super professional productions. Not only can you switch between camera views, images, videos, but you can even specify how a layer, logo, or text appears in the stream or floats into the broadcast.

Choose orientation

Stream or record your video with the proper orientation mode. You can choose from vertical or landscape mode. Both of these are allowed in the RECnGO app.

Elevate your live stream with the best audio

Choose the audio source you would like to use on the dashboard. Use your main device's built-in microphone, use an external microphone or use any added camera source's microphone. You can control the audio channels on the dashboard as you like. If you need to use more than one channel at the same time, you can do it with RECnGO.

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