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On-the-fly video production with your iOS and Android devices

As long as you have a strong internet connection (we recommend at least a 15 Mbps upload speed), a couple of phones or tablets linked up on the same Wi-fi network, or shared 4G/5G—you can start a stream in under a minute.

Mix and match your iOS and Android devices—whichever you happen to have in your kit.

Edit live as you stream & record

Save time on post production and publish your footage right away

Stream to where your audience prefer to hang out

Log into your Facebook account from inside the app and stream directly to your FB page, own wall, a group where you’re an admin... or just do a private test stream for your eyes only.

For YouTube, simply enter a YT stream key and start your live stream… regardless of the number of your subscribers!

Stunning broadcast-quality productions

Add images, logos, videos, and presentations in addition to the cameras/angles

Add extra camera angles

Keep your viewers engaged by switching between camera angles as often as TV productions would do instead of boring them with sleep-inducing single camera footage…


Not streaming to Facebook or YouTube?

No problem.

Just grab your stream URL from the platform of your choice (your website, TikTok, Twitch, etc), enter it in the settings, and press record.

Record & save each footage locally

However many cameras you’re using to record, each camera angle will be recorded locally on that device.

Plus, you’ll get a recording of your edited production (normally on your tablet) which will be saved locally there.

Control the entire production remotely

Once you’ve set up your cameras, grab a seat in the back of the room and control the production from a single device (usually a tablet) without ever having to walk up to anything to adjust.

That includes mixing/balancing the sound of the individual devices, switching between the front and back cameras for those Q&A sessions, adjusting white balance, zooming in and out, and turning the flash on and off.

Choice of transitions and fading

Make your production dynamic by switching between your camera angles as often as broadcasters do.

Choose between six transition/fade options when you want to include B-roll, images, or presentations.

Choose your orientation

Both vertical and landscape options are supported for iOS and Android devices, too!

Control the audio of each device independently

Regardless of the number of devices or extra microphones, the audio mixer will let you adjust, mute or unmute each device independently.

Perfect for when an unsuspecting member of the audience takes a phonecall right next to a camera that's recording...

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