Online education or distance learning is no longer a headache.


Livestreaming with RECnGO solves your problems with webinars, corporate training, workshops, online and remote teaching.

The solution is already in your pocket because the RECnGO live studio application is also available on iOS and Android devices. Therefore, you do not need to buy or use expensive studio equipment. Instead, use your smart devices (iOS/Android) for the different camera angles (up to 12 devices).

We wanted to create software that helps people create super exciting video content. Livestreaming and video editing are not rocket science anymore.

Use your smart devices to set up your camera angles, add images or pre-recorded videos to the dashboard. You can also add layers that help you use texts and graphics with a simple tap if you need.

The possibilities are endless. Be your own producer and share your knowledge with others in an easy, fantastic, and informative way. If you create a closed group on Facebook or a private YouTube stream, only your students / clients will see the stream. You can also embed it on your website if you want to.

Download and try our live video studio app for FREE NOW!

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