Provide online education or distance learning without having to buy expensive cameras, microphones, or figure out OBS studio


Ideal for hosting webinars, corporate training, workshops, and to provide online and remote teaching.

Just use your smart devices (iOS/Android) and keep your students engaged for much longer, thanks to switching between various camera angles (up to 12!).

You've just saved yourself from having to buy expensive studio equipment for hundreds of dollars.

Educators deserve being able to create exciting video content, too!

Livestreaming and video editing shouldn't require a massive learning curve.

Teachers and lecturers should be able to use their smart devices to set up various camera angles, and use images or pre-recorded videos during the lessons.

Adding layers, texts and graphics is as simple as a tap.

Engaging lessons and catering for large audiences are in.

Share your knowledge easily and informatively by focusing on the subject and not the tech.

Stream your lesson to a closed group on Facebook or a private YouTube stream and only your students/clients will see the it.

Or you can embed the stream on your website and let everyone watch (plus comment & share!).

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