Media - TV, news production, events

Be a single-person filming group

Media - TV, news production, events

With our application, you can easily create multi-camera live broadcasts. Be it a news program, an event broadcast, or even an interview.

You don't need a multi-person shooting group. You can even create content like a studio yourself but for a fraction of large studio budgets.

You can stream the content live to major social platforms or even use it in a recorded format later.

Whether you work in media (TV, radio, podcasts) or at a digital agency, live streaming allows you to reach and connect with audiences like never before. Become a live broadcaster now - live streaming and video production is not rocket science anymore!

With the app's help, you can connect your Android and iOS devices into a broadcast chain (you can use up to 12 camera angles), and you can create multi-camera content from the user-friendly dashboard on your own. You can even cut related material (videos, images, graphic designs) into the content or during the live broadcast.

Download and try our live video studio app for FREE NOW!

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Media - TV, news, events

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