Livestream and Record Like a Pro

Create video podcasts, workshops, and more with multi-angle recording — not just a single camera perspective. Get lifetime access to RECnGO pro live stream and video recording studio app, but act quickly — this offer is only available for a limited period.

Powering global brands already trusting mobile-first productions

about live streams

since 2010

Conferences, corporate events, weddings, funerals and virtual open houses

streamed glitch-free daily

Trusted by video enthusiasts, pro videographers, YouTubers, TikTokers and Twitchers

in Canada, US & UK

"This app makes broadcast-quality live streaming as easy as picking up the phone to call someone. You can even switch/mute mics independently and record with multiple camera angles in full HD... on your phone! This app spreads the icing thick on the live streaming cake."
Csongor Bias
First Monday Startups

The issue with TV cameras, cables and full-scale productions is this…

… things are happening right now… not in weeks!

Unless you go mobile or have magical powers...
how are you going to be in places at a day’s notice?

You need stunning video productions... fast!

Broadcast-quality & glitch-free. Plus affordable.

Too many events don’t get the exposure they deserve

Businesses can’t afford expensive videography services

… for everything they’d love to record!

"Fantastic app! Great for streamers. Very user friendly with cool add-ons!
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Free yourself from the heavy equipment and
enjoy working with a run-and-gun kit instead

Every event (small or large) now has a chance to go viral

With features like this, you can simply turn up
& start recording or streaming live

Enjoy a full production studio on your iPhone, Android or Huawei device

Record, stream and edit live on your phone

Mix and match your phones & tablets (iOS, Android & Huawei)

Link up to 12 devices for a multi-angle live production

Wireless setup and connection

Multiple audio channel control

Fine transitions and fading

Stream live to your preferred platform

Single-click connection makes doing lives a breeze

HD (720p) and Full HD (1080p) streaming

Local recording

Facebook direct integration

YouTube direct integration

RTMP destinations

Integrate logos, layers and media

Enhance your production with creatives and keep your viewers engaged for longer

Graphics, logos, and overlays

Editable texts

Pre-recorded videos



Record and stream multi-angle productions

Link all devices you can possibly find in your kit wirelessly

iOS, Android & Huawei

Tablets & smartphones

Independent audio and video control for each device

Remote control

White balance and zoom

Mobile-first, studio-quality productions without the TV cameras, cables or driving around in a van

Out with the back-breakingly heavy video equipment. 

In with quality productions in three simple steps

All this with your smart devices?


… and livestream or record in studio quality in a matter of minutes.
No credit card or account required.For iOS, Android & Huawei devices.

"This app is exactly what you need in 2022. It'll save your business money, and cut down on prep and post-production time. I don't know why nobody's come up with something like this before."
Zoltan Kalmar

Join the scores of creators already using
iOS, Android & Huawei devices for their productions

Josh N

Freelance Videographer
Vancouver, Canada

“I need premium clients & easy bookings because I work solo”

Lucy W

Content Creator
Berlin, Germany

“I need content–tons of it–to fill up my content calendar for the month and I can’t call a videographer for everything”

Toby M

Mobile Journalist/Broadcaster
Florida, USA

“People want to see events as they unfold. I want to have live conversations with people on the street and hear their opinions”

Mimi N

Hatha Yoga Instructor
Sydney, Australia

“My online meditation and breathing classes are very popular but it’s been tricky to find a solution that’s enjoyable for those doing the excercises at home”

Tabetha J

Event Agency Owner
London, England

“My clients spend tens of thousands on big events and they want a pro recording of it so they can repurpose the content elsewhere. They can’t possibly hire a TV crew to do it”

Thomas F

New York, USA

“I need to weed out the property tourists and time wasters and find my enthusiastic buyers”

Nathalie P

Edinburgh, Scotland

“I run webinars, workshops, trainings and I need something we can use with minimal investment and learning curve”

Kay B

Video marketer/Live seller
Hong Kong, China

“Single-camera angle streams bore people. These days, buyers expect TV quality, engaging lives”

Designed by pro videographers for
media professionals and businesses

Imagine finally being able to hold your annual corporate event, selling a couple of hundred passes and getting some genuine hype around the whole thing from the trade… 

… only to realize, that you’re probably already too late to book a video crew and even if you did… it’d probably cost you more than what you’re willing to pay…

… so the event goes ahead while the intern from marketing tries their best to gather a few minutes worth of decent footage, enough to post on social media for the rest of the month.

Which is precisely what’s happening to too many businesses trying to jump on the power of video that growth marketing experts talk about. 

Sure, we also prefer to watch Glastonbury or the Burning Man in full HD via a pro production courtesy of OB vans, TV cameras, and a crew…

But there are plenty of events that don’t need all that (and are still worth watching!)

Trade shows, startup pitches, interviewing people on the street, guerilla marketing, promoting courses, selling shoes, clothes, homes or commercial properties, livestreaming funerals… even gamers deserve pro video production at a cost they can justify.

RECnGO offers an affordable, robust solution that most businesses (and their marketing department) can’t do without. 

The kind that thousands of events and businesses have already benefitted from (and wished it existed years ago).

Nothing trendy here… just a solid tool powering glitch-free pro productions that’ll help you keep up with your competitors who could be paying premium prices… for the same output. 

Grainy footage, stress, and important events going unnoticed are out.

Streaming live in full HD, stunning video productions and your every event recorded are in.

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"When these guys say they'll do everything to support you in up-scaling your business, they mean it. I've seen them put hundreds of productions together and deliver each time. If you can only choose one tool for your productions, choose the one that's powered by expertise, the best intentions and generous hearts."
Thomas Friedmann
Friedmann Properties

Hundreds of businesses already trust
RECnGO over traditional production methods

Using a mobile-first solution that’s a video production suite on mobile devices lets you decide which of your event of the week can’t go unnoticed. Your potential customers and loyal clients get access to a line of exciting productions you couldn’t stream or record in the past… to the delight of your marketing department and your social media manager. 

Using a mobile-first solution for your video needs pays you dividends beyond addressing the obstacles of transporting and tripping over heavy equipment. 

Your business will benefit from a host of new opportunities that only a mobile studio brings.

You get to book or make pro video productions–faster. 

Your business feels invested in. 

Your content library and audience grow, and so does your business.

No videography & media toolkit is complete without this phenomenal tool

We guarantee you’ll love the studio’s simplicity, efficiency and what it’ll do to your production pipeline.

"Great for the real estate market... different camera views with optional images added result in a cool streaming. Also helps to avoid property tourists."
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Are you ready for fast & responsive video productions?

No steep learning curves. Just use your smart devices.

For videographers, broadcasters, journalist, realtors & marketers

Serverless live streaming and video recording

Get up to 12 camera angles (iOS , Android & Huawei!)

Control the audio and video on all devices individually

Balance sound and light for each camera independently

Insert logos, announcements and scoreboards

Choose from various transition options

Add B rolls, presentations, images or multi-camera angles

Stream directly to Facebook or YouTube

Use custom stream key or server URL option

Record locally or remotely

Create and catalog projects

Pro live streaming and recording
(without the cables, alu-boxes and the van)

All you have to do is

decide which event you’re doing next

… book a friendly 15 min slot with a live video expert &
see how you can use the app for your video production.
No hard sell or pushy talk.

RECnGO: Live stream like a pro
Pro streaming & videos

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