A studio live video application in your hand!

The RECnGO studio application lets you make videos from multiple camera angles with the help of your smart devices, and add extra pictures or videos that can help you connect with your community in the most engaging way yet. Stream it live or record it for later.


Your video matters

A POWERFUL STUDIO APPLICATION that makes your video content better without hard efforts. Be your own video producer with your smart devices, and reach a wider audience with content that matters — and make it look amazing. The real-time production will definitely make your videos look more professional. You do not have to choose between quality and quantity anymore. Stream your videos on Facebook or YouTube, or record it and use it later.


Add extra camera sources

Just download the app and add as many Android devices as you wish

Stream it or save it

Broadcast directly to Facebook or YouTube or record it and use it later

Live production

Brand your stream: Use your mobile devices as a broadcast studio and add extra images or videos in real-time

Feel aLIVE
with us

Your video really matters – live or recorded – share your content and be a producer


Made with RECnGO
all around the World

What makes your video better with RECnGO

Be your own producer and use your mobile devices as a video studio

RECnGO works with
your Android devices

You do not need to buy any more professional equipment and carry them with you. RECnGO is a video streaming application that allows you to create quality live streams or VoDs easily with your mobile devices.

Easy to use - Your video studio is already in your pocket

Almost everyone has a mobile device, so anyone can use our app easily. You do not need to hire producers or videographers anymore. Dream it and create it! Be your own producer!

Stream it or save it

You do not have to spend hours with video editing. The RECnGO studio app allows you to edit your videos live. You can do it during making your videos. Whether it is a live stream or a VoD. Edit it in real-time.


Who we worked with

OUR Story

A journey to share

The founders of RECnGO met, and collective thinking began.


We launched our new service: live broadcasts with RECnGO.


Development of our smartphone application started. We won several clients in the field of live broadcasts: Müpa (Palace of Arts), the Budapest Spring Festival, and the CAFe Budapest Contemporary Art Festival.


The Hungarian Marketing Association and the Sports Marketing Association became our clients. We broadcasted live the Central European Startup Awards and the Super Model Of The Year 2018 Awards.


Our investor negotiations were underway, and we successfully started a partnership with the Hiventures investor team. The Central European Startup Awards gala was broadcasted live for the second time by us. Our app was available to download on Google Play and the App Store.


Negotiations with the Hiventures investor team continued, and we successfully won the next round of capital disbursements. The concept of the application took a new turn. From October, the 2.0 version of our app was available to download from Google Play.


As a result, our investor selected us into their Yearbook as one of the most promising innovative businesses in their portfolio.We also had been highlighted among the "TOP 100 Hungarian Digital Developments".

We successfully raised capital in September 2021, amounting to HUF 250 million.

Even Forbes wrote about our success.

We are in the Google Startup Program.

This year, there were also several improvements regarding our video app.


Who we are

Get to know us

Gábor Schwarz

Chief Revenue Officer

Gergely Szél

Chief Executive Officer

László Fazekas

Strategic Advisor

Contact us

Get in touch


Recngo Kft.

Headquarters: 8000 Székesfehérvár, Sereg utca 1. fszt. 1.

Tax number: 26751847207

Registration number: 07 09 030065



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