Professional events

Combine online and offline events, and reach a wider audience.

Professional events

You don’t have to choose between an online or an offline event. Instead, reach a wider audience by combining the two with RECnGO! Virtual or hybrid events have many benefits. The content is available to a much wider audience, and it’s incredibly cheap. Therefore, to make a professional event with RECnGO, you no longer need huge cameras, and you also do not need your colleagues or a multi-person staff. You only require your smartphone or tablet for live streaming.

The app helps you connect your Android and IOS devices into a broadcast chain, and you can create multi-camera content even with 12 camera sources. You only need your smart device (or devices) and a RECnGO account to make quality live content.

Thanks to the RECnGO app, you can use captions, embed graphics, images, and videos in your content to spice up your live broadcast. Take advantage of RECnGO to make a professional workshop or a product demonstration and reach your target audience effectively and flexibly.

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