Workout or Yoga classes

Create a high quality show with background music by displaying your exercises and reps.

Workout or Yoga classes

A quality workout session with many camera angles and background music is possible with our app.

With the RECnGO live studio app, you do not need to buy or use expensive studio equipment to stream your training sessions live. Instead, use your smart devices (iOS/Android) for the different camera angles (up to 12 devices).

You can insert an image to the stream as a workout plan or highlight the types of exercises or the number of repetitions needed.

Thanks to multiple camera angles, your viewers can see the movements from several angles, which will be extremely useful for them.

If you need to manage the sound channels of each camera, you can turn them on or off and use more than one in parallel. This means that you can play background music during your training sessions. So your trainees won't have to care about music themselves. They'll only need your live stream and nothing else.

Be your own producer, share your knowledge with others, and teach them in an easy, spectacular, and informative way. For example, if you create a closed group on Facebook or a private YouTube stream, only your students/clients will see the stream. But, of course, you can also embed it on your website if you want to.

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