Welcome to the new v2.6 RECnGO Live studio App!

With RECnGO you can create video content from multiple camera angles by using your smart devices (smartphone / tablet) as additional camera sources linked together in a streaming chain. In addition, you can add videos, images or layers to your video content in the app's control panel. RECnGO Studio takes your video content production to the next level, whether it's live or recorded video.

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What’s New

Lots of improvements you've asked for! In order of wow factor worthiness:

  • Automatic stream bitrate balancing takes care of unstable internet connections (we've all been there!)—your audience will continue to enjoy a pro-quality live stream thanks to this magical 10-second buffer goodness. (yeah, it's huge. and you're welcome!)
  • Add another camera quickly, without logging in on that device—handy when doing demos. Just ask your client to download the app and give them your unique PIN code to connect to the production
  • Duplicate existing projects with a touch—save time during production setup and admin by templetizing your process
  • Duplicate your favorite layers inside a project or copy them over to another project with a touch—no more having to locate and re-upload the creatives you use the most
  • Other, minor-but-important stuff we won’t bore you with


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