You can download for free the RECnGO application. Try it out with these functions:

On-the-fly multiplatform live video production

Go live Facebook or Youtube

2 channels

1 extra camera source


Choose a monthly or yearly plan and get all features of the App with a single subscription. Included functions:

On-the-fly multiplatform live video production

Go live Facebook or Youtube

Unlimited channels

12 camera sources

Remote control

Text and graphic layers

Fine transitions and fading

Custom RTMP output

Record extra camera

No watermarks


Do you only need some features for your actual project? Then, pick the proper functionality you need anywhere at any time. Choose the functions that you really want to use from the Pro package. The add-ons are payable monthly.

What can I do with the free application, do I have to make a registration to use it?
If you want to try out the RECnGO application, you can do it, and you do not have to pay for this. If you do not want to do a livestreaming in this case you do not have to create an account. Buti f you would like to go live Facebook or YouTube, you have to create an account, but still, you do not have to pay for the free version. The free version of the application is functionally limited.
Why do I have to create an account for livestreaming?

This is necessary because it is very important that you have a user account if you are making a live video that you share on social media (Facebook) or on a video channel (YouTube).

What happen if I choose the Pro package?
If you choose the RECnGO Pro package, you and your team get a full license to our professional livestreaming software with every feature for one month or one year, it depends on you which one you choose. In addition to all of RECnGO’s powerful tools, this plan is for the truly heavy content creators. Be a pro, and create a professional livestream or VoDs with RECnGO.
What the Custom package means?
You can create your own package! Just collect the features that are the most useful for your requirements. Pay only for what you want to use! The custom features are payable monthly.
Is the 1-month and annual subscription automatically renewable?
Please read through the Apple policy about subscription. Link:
How can I cancel my subscription?

Please read through the Apple policy about subscription. Link:

Multiplatform live video production app

Create your live video and be your own producer. Edit your video in real-time. Stream it or save it for later (VoD).

Production with your smart devices (smartphone/tablet)

Link up to 12 devices for a multi-angle live production

Wireless connection (there is no need for cables)

Multiple audio channel control

Fine transitions and fading

Broadcasting to specific platforms

Thanks to direct integrations and simple setup, broadcast with RECnGO to the major platforms out there.

HD (720p) and Full HD (1080p) streaming

Local recording

Facebook direct integration

YouTube direct integration

RTMP destinations

A wide range of layers and media integration

Customize your live video and create the best quality live stream. Use any of the given down below in a layer during video production.

Graphics, logos, and overlays

Editable texts

Prerecorded videos


Unique solid fills

Multi-camera production

With remote camera control, stream or record with up to 12 camera angles at once.


Tablets & smartphones

Prerecorded videos

Remote control

Easy to use dashboard

RECnGO: Live stream like a pro
Pro streaming & videos