Can you imagine that a property could also be shown and sold live? (CASE STUDY)

Tamás Friedmann, the Head of Friedmann Properties Real Estate, has always been open to innovative digital solutions.  With his bold move, he gained a market advantage by being able to sell a property within 24 hours.

Background information

  • The property for sale: 52 sqm premium apartment in downtown Budapest
  • Price: 130 000 €
  • There is a high demand for renovated, smaller, downtown apartments.


  • Presenting the property in a form-breaking, modern and cost-effective way
  • Generating leads
  • Access to book appointments
  • Preparing for the sale


  • How to present a property to as many people as possible at once?
  • How can potential buyers get information about the property at the same time?
  • Is there a digital solution that can easily present the “before-after” information?
  • What kind of solution is worth using, which is still a novelty at the moment, and positions the sales company itself properly in the market, but it’s cost-effective?


  • Friedmann Properties Real Estate has decided that RECnGO will present the property for sale through a live broadcast service.
  •  We conducted a live broadcast supplemented with a conversation, where the lady managing the remodeling of the apartment and the salesperson both appeared (in a stream talk-show manner). The live broadcast was communicated to the Facebook page.  
  • With the help of the RECnGO application, 5 smartphones were placed in the apartment, these were connected wirelessly to the application providing the multiple camera angles that were needed.  Thanks to this solution, we were able to easily follow the movements of the “actors” in the apartment without the need of any technical break or transition.  
  • Images and videos used during the live broadcast have been pre-uploaded to the application. Therefore, during the live stream we were able to easily and quickly present the appearance of the property before and after the renovation based on the “before-after” principle.


  • 96 viewers
  • 20 questions
  • 7 interested buyers
  • 4 booked appointments
  • 3 offers
  • The apartment was sold within 24 hours


  • Possibility of positioning the sales company: modern, dynamic, technically advanced, innovative, fresh, efficient, flexible, successful
  • Unique and novelty presentation of the property
  • Creating entertaining and engaging digital content
  • Easy transfer of complex information (eg the “before-after” navigation in the property, etc.)
  • Reaching stakeholders effectively and flexibly
  • Shortening the time to sell a property

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