Can you imagine that a workshop could be held right in the middle of a pandemic? (CASE STUDY)

Seiko dared to keep their workshop LIVE in the middle of a pandemic.

Background information

  • SEIKO has been on the world watch market since 1880
  • They are holding workshops continuously on the following topics:
  • Presentation of the latest watches
  • Presentation of clockworks of the watches


  • Their originally offline workshop couldn’t be held in person during the pandemic, as everything was closed.
  • They needed an alternative yet cost-effective solution to keep the workshop of the same quality.
  • They planned to have a private event. Only a selected group of people could participate in the event.
  • SEIKO wanted to present the details and the clockworks of the watches in good quality.
  • They planned to hold the workshop in real-time.


  • The more than 2-hour Facebook stream was broadcasted in a closed group of nearly 1,000 members.
  • We used 3 camera angles during the live broadcast, where the viewers could see the minor details from close and in excellent image quality.
  • We used different settings for the camera positions:
  • A wide shot, where viewers could follow the speaker and the watches as well.
  • We also used 2 close-up camera views with different settings to make it possible to see the disassembled watches.
  • We also added images and video inserts to the stream, presenting the previous and the latest models. Thanks to that, we had the opportunity to spice up the live broadcast with curiosities.


  • Thanks to the images and video inserts, the audience could see up close the presentation and disassembly of the watches.
  • There was no need for giant cameras and studio equipment.
  • There was no need for an entire broadcast staff.
  • The live stream was cost-effective.
  • SEIKO reached its target audience effectively and flexibly.
  • Anyone could rewatch the content later, after the live stream.

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