How can a kitchen furniture exhibition go hybrid? (CASE STUDY)

RS Furniture House presented their exhibition through a live broadcast tour.

Background information

  • The story of RS Furniture House started in 1992 as a family business.
  • The e-commerce leg of the company is fairly new in their portfolio.
  • In 2022, they wanted to hold their outstanding kitchen exhibition in a completely unique setting, not solely in the classic event style.
  • Their expectation was to broadcast the live from multiple camera angles, in a cost-effective way.


  • Their goal was to combine online and offline attendance.
  • Where customers could create their dream kitchen online.
  • An open event visible to everyone.
  • They wanted to avoid large cameras, costly staff and/or cables which could disturb the visitors and the exhibition.
  • Showcasing the perfectly detailed, quality kitchen designs, fitting every lifestyle, displayed in an everyday setting.
  • 4 days / 4 locations.


  • They implemented a virtual walk in their stores with the help of RECnGO.
  • They created a 3+1 day hybrid event.
  • We displayed the RS Furniture House logo on the Facebook stream and the viewers were able to see the details of the furnished kitchen models in high quality.
  • Using multiple camera angles simultaneously, we presented numerous kitchen locations at the same time.
  • With our app, sponsorship appearances were also managed easily.
  • Thanks to the RECnGO livestream:
    • They could generate specific inquiries.
    • Preparations for the sale has also begun.


  • Nearly 300 visuals
  • 4 locations
  • 4-day hybrid event
  • 5500 sqm
  • Food and drink tastings
  • Complete branding


Thanks to our cooperation:

  • People who could not be there in person were also able to follow, attend the exhibition online.
  • There was no need for studio equipment or an entire broadcast staff.
  • The cables and the large cameras did not disturb the guests.
  • They could also show their logo and insert images easily.
  • The live stream was performed in a cost-effective way.

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