How can your audience join an awarding ceremony of a regional startup competition without being there in person? (CASE STUDY)

The Central European Startup Awards was able to ensure that not only startup executives but also company colleagues and other interested people could participate in this significant startup competition by live-streaming their 2019 awards ceremony with the help of RECnGO.

Background information

  • Outstanding regional startup competition
  • Cross-border event
  • The broadcast should be from several camera angles
  • In addition to the outstanding quality, it was also a unique expectation that the entire award ceremony should be streamed without interruption (exceptionally long streaming time)
  • The project must be cost-effective


  • How can people from up to 6 countries join an offline event without being there?
  • How can a live broadcast be realized in studio quality without cables and professional equipment?
  • The equipment should not disturb the performers and the audience either.
  • Is there a cost-effective, compact solution?


  • We created a hybrid event across 6 countries that properly positioned the Central European Startup Awards competition.
  • The offline event has also been extended to the online space thanks to the live broadcast.
  • In this way, they reached their audience two ways:
  • With a direct stream on their Facebook Page
  • The organizers were able to embed the broadcast on their website as well
  • Devices linked with the RECnGO application broadcasted the event from positions that did not disturb or obstruct those present.
  • A fascinating live content was created thanks also to pre-loaded images and videos.


  • More than 11,000 online viewers
  • 300 on-site guests
  • Hybrid event across 6 countries
  • Significantly lower costs compared to studio broadcasts


  • The Central European Startup Awards achieved the same quality using the RECnGO app that a studio online broadcast company could have achieved.
  • Thanks to our cooperation, they have gained the additional benefits listed below:
    • There were no cables
    • There was no need for studio equipment
    • They needed fewer people for the live stream
    • They used images and video inserts during the live stream
    • It was a cost-effective project

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