5 Important things to solve before starting a live stream

The RECnGO Team gathered the 5 important things to solve before starting a live stream.

We deeply believe that solving these 5 things can significantly affect your live streaming.

1.    Secure and stable internet connection 

2.   Appropriate environment (surroundings, lights, sound)

3.   Appropriate equipment for quality production (tripod, lamp, external microphone)

4.   Testing before the actual start

5.   Promote your live stream

1. Secure and stable internet connection

Proper network speed is essential. If your network speed is low, your live stream will be unenjoyable, or you won’t be able to broadcast it live at all.

2. Appropriate environment (surroundings, lights, sound)

The most basic mistakes that many content creators make:

1) They ignore the environment. Always check the background and the surroundings before starting your live stream.

2) They ignore the lighting conditions. Always check whether there is proper lighting for your live stream. Your viewers will enjoy (see) your content more if the lighting is perfect.

3) They ignore the sound in the environment. Always think it over and if needed, use external microphones.

3. Appropriate equipment for quality production (tripod, lamp, external microphone)

You may also want to use various accessories to create even more professional content.

 Tripod: It can be handy for a multi-camera broadcast so that you can replace even a small team by yourself. You can also achieve exciting camera views by using tripods.

– Lamp: Creating the right lighting conditions can be extremely useful by creating better image quality.

 External microphone: Providing the right sound helps to increase the experience factor regarding your broadcast, especially if speech has a prominent role in the content.

4. Testing before the actual start

You may want to run a rehearsal before the final live broadcast. You can start this either in private or in a closed group.

If you had it and everything clicks and there are no problems, the live broadcast can start.

Note: It’s also worth trying to do it because this way, you can think over what you would like to say to your audience (if you are planning to speak in the content) before you are actually in your live stream.

5. Promote your live stream

There are several ways you can promote your live stream in advance. Create some buzz around the topic. Here are a couple of advice to solve this.

– Communicate about the live stream on your website or turn the content of the live stream into a blog.

– Talk about the coming up live stream in your previous content.

– Create live streams with strict timing. For example, always broadcast on specific day and precisely at the same time every time.

– Create a promotional video for your live stream.

– Send out the information way before via e-mail.

– Create an online event (e.g., Facebook event) and have people attend it.

– Create some ads about the occasion.

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