3 most important things to solve before starting a live stream

The RECnGO Team gathered the 3 most important things to solve before starting a live stream.

We deeply believe that solving these 3 things can significantly affect your live streaming.

1.    Check for good quality internet

2.   Check the sound

3.   Plan your live stream

1. Check for good quality internet (4G / 5G or LTE – Wi-Fi)

Always check the network before you start live streaming. If you use your mobile internet network (possibly MIFI), always check it on site. 

Conditions are always different in the field. Network coverage is not the same everywhere. If you use on-site Wi-Fi, check it and make sure it is stable and secure to start a live stream.

2. Check the sound!

Before starting your live stream, be sure to check that the microphones you are using are working and recording sound in good quality. The RECnGO app helps you with this. The app shows you if your microphone works appropriately or not. 

Even if you use your mobile device’s built-in microphone (these are already good enough, a device usually already has several built-in microphones), or if you have external microphones. Check the quality anyway!

3.  Plan your live stream! 

Whether it’s a short (a few minutes) or a longer broadcast, always plan it.

 How many camera angles, and from what angle would you use.

 When and what picture(s) or video(s) you want to use in the live stream.

 What and when will you say if you want to say anything to your viewers.

You are the producer yourself.

Plan well in advance so that your show will be the best quality you can reach.

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