10 tips to help you with your live streams

The RECnGO Team gathered 10 tips to help you with your live streams.

We deeply believe that solving these 10 things can significantly affect your live streaming:

1.   Select the platform you want to stream to

2.   Calculate stream time in advance

3.   Choose the proper form for your live stream

4.   The importance of image orientation

5.   Teamwork during the live stream

6.   Use of images and video inserts

7.   Your mobile devices’ technical compliance

8.   Build your live streaming strategy!

9.   Don’t forget that you also have things to do after your live stream!

10.  Utilize the value of the moment

1. Select the platform you want to stream to

With RECnGO, you have several options when deciding which direction you want to broadcast live.

– Facebook:

Here you can broadcast on your timeline, your official page, or even in a closed/open group.

– YouTube:

Here you can broadcast public or even private.

– VoD:

In our app, you have the option to record your video, and later, when you want, you can publish the finished video.

2. Calculate stream time in advance

Plan for how long you want to stream to the platform you have chosen. Keep in mind that Facebook has an official time limit, but with RECnGO, the deadline is 8 hours instead of 4! 

Take advantage of your opportunities. From all this time, you can even broadcast, for example, even a conference live.

TIP: If you haven’t announced your live stream well in advance, you might want to start your live stream with some introductory content at the beginning before the actual, planned content. This allows you time to spread your live stream and time for your viewers to arrive.

3. Choose the proper form for your live stream

Create a closed group in advance for your live stream on Facebook, or keep your YouTube live private (only visible to anyone with the specific LINK to the live stream).

For a private YouTube stream like this, keep in mind that people can forward the live stream’s link, so your content may be reachable for anyone you didn’t choose.

Only allow members you want to join a closed Facebook group. For example, it may be an excellent decision to pre-register those for whom you would like to provide live streaming.

But you can even host a paid event online. All you have to do is pre-register your viewers or also sell tickets for them. Only the person who paid for the ticket will receive the link or join the group.

Develop a communication plan, provide information to them regularly. If your campaign is successful, more people will want to join or sign up for your live broadcast.

4. The importance of image orientation

Before you start your live stream, decide if you want to create your content in portrait or landscape orientation

Note: The RECnGO app helps you with this. Before you start your live stream, our app asks you about the orientation to avoid making a mistake like this. 

This is very important because it dramatically affects the quality of your show. If you chose the wrong format (and your mobile device’s orientation is locked), your video would be published 90 degrees rotated.

This can confuse your viewers and downright destructive to the image of your brand, company, or yourself for making a faulty live broadcast.

5. Teamwork during the live stream

Suppose you are making a more serious live broadcast. E.g., you organize it with several people, or you stream a roundtable discussion during a conference, prepare the moderator for the exact course of the show. 

You two are responsible for making the content of the best quality possible.

The moderator is responsible for the excellent mood, running the event smoothly, and you for the content and broad technical background.

For example, if you put images or videos in the live stream, he exactly needs to know what timing you will use.

Another important thing is not to forget to communicate with your Client. Prepare a timeline for them regarding the live stream. This way, they will know how the broadcast will go and what will happen.

6. Use of images and video inserts

Different clips or videos can very much raise the standard of your live video. Content can be more experiential and much more engaging in such a more varied form in a live broadcast. 

With the premium version of the RECnGO application, you can use the tiles on the “Dashboard”. You can link up to 6 devices together and create a live broadcast with six different camera angles.

But you can also put videos and pictures from your primary device on these tiles. This way, for example, you can insert a brand promotional video or a product image into your live stream.

You can even upload content from your Google Drive.

7. Your mobile devices’ technical compliance

You need high-quality mobile devices to create stable, and quality live content. A new generation tablet or smartphone will not disappoint. 

Depending on your live video’s length, make sure that your devices have the needed storage and the right power source. 


Your device’s storage space is also crucial if you record video content and intend to use it later. You don’t want to run out of storage during filming.

Power source:

To avoid draining your smart devices, you can use a power bank to provide enough battery time for your devices.

8. Build your live streaming strategy!

Figure out in advance what topics and how often you plan to broadcast for your viewers. A well-conceived and planned content production strategy can be crucial. 

These days, we can say that people are used to series (thanks to Netflix, for example). With a live stream series based on a theme or concept, your viewers can become constantly returning viewers. Create content that can continuously engage viewers and maintain interest from one broadcast to the next. 

Listen to your audience’s feedback! From it can build your permanent audience and follower base.

9. Don’t forget that you also have things to do after your live stream! 

If you’ve posted a fantastic broadcast or video, don’t disappear right after that. Watch the comment section, your viewers’ reactions, and feedback on your content. If you’re attentive enough to respond to your viewers’ responses, you can increase the trust and engagement, and thanks to that, more and more viewers can come back to your next video.

Live streams can also be viewed after the exact date of your live broadcast, so be sure to reach your target audience/followers with your latest content. Someone may have missed it. Give them a chance to see your content too.

10. Utilize the value of the moment

In a live stream, you never know what’s going to happen in the next minute. That’s precisely the beauty in it. Prepare for as many contingencies as possible and calmly handle the unexpected situation.

Many times, unplanned situations bring the most views.

When choosing a topic, make sure you broadcast live content that is unique and unrepeatable, even exclusive. If you know for sure in advance that your live stream will be the only occasion for a specific topic, you can even advertise this in advance.

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