Netflix is the eco-friendly form of cinema today. RECnGO is the eco-friendly form of live broadcasts.

Virtual or hybrid events have many benefits. The content is available to a much wider audience, and at the same time, we take a big step to save the environment during their virtual “visit”.

The electronics, the servers, the buildings to host the servers, and the transmission capabilities all require energy. With RECnGO, you no longer need huge cameras and their transportation. And you also do not need your colleagues or the live streaming staff to travel a lot. You only need your smartphone for live streaming. In that way, you can directly impact the expected reduction in CO2 emissions per capita.

An average conference emits more than 170 kilograms of CO2e per day. For example, a 3-day conference of 1,000 people generates 5,670 kilograms of waste, more than half of which goes directly to landfills.

Travel accounts for about 90 percent of the event’s carbon footprint. However, research shows that transport has the most significant impact on the carbon footprint of events. The transportation of huge technological devices, cameras, and cables is responsible for emitting a fantastic amount of greenhouse gases.

Is there any solution to eliminate or at least reduce this?

Follow the recommendations from the RECnGO Team.

Smartphones instead of giant cameras

To make an event virtual, whether it’s wholly online or even a hybrid event, the possibility of live broadcasting (even on a social media channel) offers a high degree of flexibility and many benefits. For example, the content can be made available to a much wider audience, and their “visit” has a much lower carbon footprint by participating in virtual or hybrid events.

The necessary electronics, the servers, the buildings needed to host the servers, and the transportation all require energy. Therefore, virtual events do not mean a 100% carbon offset, but they significantly reduce the footprint of events.

Misconceptions about what devices are needed for a live broadcast:

  • huge cameras
  • plenty of cables
  • transport trucks
  • broadcast truck
  • huge boxes, storage units
  • the staff of 3-6 people
  • servers
  • the buildings needed to host the servers

Just a hint from the RECnGO Team: You DO NOT NEED these!

With RECnGO, you only need one (or more if you prefer) smart devices (smartphones or tablets) to go live. Of course, tripods, external chargers, microphones, or some lighting may be required if you would like to. However, their travel costs (and the CO2 emissions) and energy consumption are still much lower than those listed earlier.

Larger audience online

Contrary to popular belief, virtual events have a higher registration and attendance rate than personal events. In general, virtual events are more accessible and effective for participants. The guests do not need to organize an ad hoc trip. Instead, they can attend the event from the comfort of their home or office. Virtual events are so common these days that when people say they’re attending “an event,” it’s probably virtual, or at least incorporating some form of virtuality.

Virtual events also allow you to spend less than you would when organizing a physical event. This can be true for organizers as well as participants. One year ago, in 2020, 84% of organizations hosting a virtual event reported spending less money on virtual events than on personal events. (Source: WildApricot

Netflix is the eco-friendly form of cinema today. RECnGO is the eco-friendly form of live broadcasts today.

With online streaming, not only can you achieve higher sign-up and traffic rates, but you also do so in an environmentally conscious and cost-effective manner.Here’s an example where the Central European Startup Awards (CESA) held the award ceremony in a hybrid form. The cross-border live broadcast was created by RECnGO:

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