RECnGO received its first Green Certification

Our goal is to enable a person to replace a studio staff and produce a high-quality show with RECnGO in the greenest way possible.

We are honored to receive our first eco-awareness award at RECnGO, our first certification in the green trademark program! Sustainability is a vital element in our business. We are convinced that sustainability and social responsibility are obligations we want to fulfill every day. Through our innovative strength in the industry, we strive to create long-term value for people.

With online streaming, not only can you achieve higher sign-up and traffic rates, but you can also do it in an environmentally conscious and cost-effective manner.

The electronics, servers, buildings to host the servers, and transmission capabilities of a site, all require energy to work. With RECnGO, you will no longer need huge cameras and to mind the logistics of their transportation, or a live streaming staff having to travel a lot. All you need for livestreaming is your smart device! In this way, you can have a direct positive impact on the reduction of CO2 emissions per capita. 

Travel accounts for about 90 percent of an event’s carbon footprint. However, research shows that transport has the most significant impact on the carbon footprint of events. The transportation of huge technological devices, cameras, and cables is responsible for emitting an enormous amount of greenhouse gases.

Through virtual or hybrid events, the content can be available to a much wider audience, and their “visits” have a much lower carbon footprint. Of course, tripods, external chargers, microphones, or some lighting may be required if you see their necessity. However, their travel costs (and the CO2 emissions) and energy consumption are still much lower, compared to conventional studio equipment. Therefore, virtual events do not mean a 100% carbon offset, but they significantly reduce the carbon footprint of events.

“We are continuously working to create new developments and innovations in the film industry that are also environmentally conscious. Thanks to this, we can take a big step towards protecting our environment.” – points out Gergely Szél the CEO of the Hungarian RECnGO.

Keep in mind: Use smartphones instead of giant cameras!

Making a virtual or hybrid event has many benefits. The content is available to a much wider audience, and at the same time, we take a big step towards preserving our environment.

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