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Livestream and record (like a pro) with your mobile devices

Try the closest alternative to large gear and full-on productions & transform your video content creation that'll give you a library of studio-quality live streams and productions

Perfect for events, sports, content creation and selling properties

For iOS, Android & Huawei devices.

Powering global brands already trusting mobile-first productions

7,267 video productions since 2010 * Conferences, corporate events, weddings, funerals and virtual open houses streamed glitch-free daily * Trusted by video enthusiasts, pro videographers, YouTubers, TikTokers and Twitchers worldwide

"This app makes broadcast-quality live streaming as easy as picking up the phone to call someone. You can even switch/mute mics independently and record with multiple camera angles in full HD... on your phone! This app spreads the icing thick on the live streaming cake."
Csongor Bias
First Monday Startups

Have you seen how fast viewers close the browser on a bad live stream…?

Satisfying viewer expectations is more difficult than ever

… how’s anyone pulling live streams off these days?

You need stunning live streams audiences love to watch

Broadcast-quality & glitch-free. Edited in real-time.

Too many content creators give up on live streams too early

… staying relevant without buying expensive kit and hiring contractors is no easy task…

… especially when you already

"Fantastic app! Great for streamers. Very user friendly with cool add-ons!
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Ditch the production stress and spend your content creation days in this powerful studio instead

Go from “meh” to “what’s happening here?”

Enjoy a full production studio on your mobile devices

Record, stream and edit live on your phone

Mix and match your smartphones & tablets (iOS & Android)

Link up to 12 devices for a multi-angle live production

Wireless setup and connection

Multiple audio channel control

Fine transitions and fading

Stream live to your preferred platform

Single-click connection makes doing lives a breeze

HD (720p) and Full HD (1080p) streaming

Local recording

Facebook direct integration

YouTube direct integration

RTMP destinations

Integrate logos, layers and media

Enhance your production with creatives and keep your viewers engaged for longer

Graphics, logos, and overlays

Editable texts

Pre-recorded videos



Record and stream multi-angle productions

Link all devices you can possibly find in your kit wirelessly

iOS & Android

Tablets & smartphones

Independent audio and video control for each device

Remote control

White balance and zoom

Mobile-first, studio-quality productions without buying more cameras, mics or hiring a team

Out with the live stream paralysis.
In with quality productions in three simple steps


Download the RECnGO app for free (iOS, Android & Huawei)


Make your first pro production in a matter of minutes (it’s that simple)


Enjoy making remarkable productions (... and get 5* reviews)

All this with my phones and tablets?


… and livestream or record in studio quality in a matter of minutes.
For iOS, Android & Huawei devices.

Producing stunning live streams and videos has never been more affordable

… imagine what this lifetime offer can do for your visibility!

Yours for just


(normally $350/year)

As long as you have a strong internet connection (we recommend at least 15 Mbps upload speed), a couple of phones or tablets linked up on the same Wi-fi network, or shared 4G/5G, you can start a stream in under a minute.

On-the-fly live video productions on iOS, Android & Huawei

Log into your Facebook account from inside the app and stream directly to your FB page, own wall, a group where you’re an admin, or just do a private test stream for your eyes only. For YouTube, simply enter a YT stream key and start your live stream… regardless of the number of your subscribers!

Stream directly to Facebook or Youtube

Make your production pop by adding an unlimited number of images, logos, videos, and presentations in addition to the 12 cameras/angles

Access to unlimited tiles

Keep your viewers engaged by switching between camera angles as often as you can instead of sending them to sleep with sleep-inducing single camera footage…  Yawn!

12 camera angles/sources

Once you’ve set up your cameras, grab a seat in the back of the room and control the production from a single device (usually a tablet) without ever having to walk up to anything to adjust. That includes mixing/balancing the sound of the individual devices, switching between the front and back cameras for those Q&A sessions, adjusting white balance, zooming in and out, and turning the flash on and off.

Control the entire production remotely

If you want to add an instant wow factor to your production, just slide in the speaker’s name and their logo. When you’re ready to do more, you’ll be able to edit the entire production live as the event unfolds, all from a phone or tablet from the back of the room.

On-screen text and graphic layers

Make your production dynamic by switching between your camera angles as often as broadcasters do. Choose between six transition/fade options when you want to include B-roll, images, or presentations.

Fine transitions and fading

Not streaming to Facebook or YouTube? No problem. Just grab your stream URL from the platform of your choice (TikTok, Twitch, etc), enter it in the settings, and press record.

Custom RTMP output

However many cameras you’re using to record, each camera angle will be recorded locally on that device. Plus, you’ll get a recording of your edited production (normally on your tablet) which will be saved locally there.

Record/save each footage locally

Remove the RECnGO watermark from your live stream and video

No watermarks on live streams

… and livestream or record in studio quality in a matter of minutes.
For iOS, Android & Huawei devices.

All our payments are processed via Stripe.
Your payment information is safe and never handled directly by our servers.

No ads. No spam. GDPR compliant.

Serverless. Your data is safe and only yours.

Designed, developed and maintained with passion in the EU

For large organizations and enterprises—let’s talk

"This app is exactly what you need in 2022. It'll save your business money, and cut down on prep and post-production time. I don't know why nobody's come up with something like this before."
Zoltan Kalmar

Your biggest advocates for freeing yourself from
the constant OBS kit-bashing

Greetings, Hunters 👋

Who here knows that going live is *the way* to get traction and yet… it seems impossible to get it right.

Creating studio-quality live video content people want to watch (share and go viral) seems a reality only for a select few 🤔

How can those creators afford it? How much time do they spend producing the videos? Do they even stop and sleep? Do they all have a team helping them??

As video fanatics, we can tell you that the struggle you’re going through as a video content maker & live streamer wanting to make videos and live streams that look professional (at a reasonable cost!)…

… is real.

The secret most video pros won’t tell you is, though, that when you have access to the *right* tools, such as a live video studio app, you get access to the world of pro productions – cool fading & transitioning effects, on-brand creatives, and lots of B-roll – without having to buy all that videography gear, set up a studio or employ people.

Yes – pro productions with your mobile devices.

Everyone should be able to produce studio-quality live streams & videos at a price that makes sense!

That’s why we’ve spent the last three years developing the RECnGO app that:

🎯   ticks all the boxes pro videographers care about
🎯   is easy to use
🎯   comes with an insanely reasonable price tag.

With a tool like this, you can leave the large productions to the businesses that can still afford to do them and transition to mobile-first live videography and content creation.

Grab a seat in your live video studio today and see how this robust solution will supercharge your live streams and videos!

Ideal for:

👍   Video content creators
👍   Professional videographers
👍   Lean video studios
👍   Freelance cinematographers
👍   Marketing folks
👍   YouTubers/TikTokers/Twitchers
👍   Event managers
👍   Mobile journalists
👍   Anyone with a mobile phone and a good idea

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"When these guys say they'll do everything to support you in up-scaling your business, they mean it. I've seen them put hundreds of productions together and deliver each time. If you can only choose one tool for your productions, choose the one that's powered by expertise, the best intentions and generous hearts."
Thomas Friedmann
Friedmann Properties

Join the thousands of videographers and content creators
already using RECnGO for live streaming and recording​


👉   Podcasts

👉   LIVEs on social media (FB, TikTok, IG, YT, etc)

👉   Surf coaching from the beach in Brazil

👉   Tango dancing classes in Germany

👉   Online fitness classes in Holland

👉   Social events (weddings, funerals, bat mitzvahs)

👉   Monthly startup meetings

👉   International sell-out hairdressing shows

👉   Watchmaker private tutorials

👉   Townhall meetings, AGMs, and boardroom meetings

👉   Poetry readings from a library in the South of France

👉   Motorcycle rally in Spain


Questions savvy Hunters and video content creators ask
before they free themselves from the grip of
traditional live streaming methods…

Q: Right now I only need the app for a couple of events coming up. What can I accomplish with the free version vs the pro? 

The free version will give you the opportunity to see the studio inside, kick some tires around and make a pro production with two camera angles. You’ll also be able to add logos, on-screen creatives & try the transitions.


Once you’ve seen just how powerful the app is and you go all in with live streams and video editing on the go, you can choose to upgrade your account to the pro version.


On the pro version, you’ll have unlimited access to all features including linking together up to 12 devices (iOS and Android!) while being able to individually control the sound and video of each device (huge!)

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Q: I really need something robust. Other radio frequency solutions have let me down so many times in the past.  I’m afraid RECnGO is unstable and crashes on me in the middle of a production…

There are a few live recording studio apps that do the job and are available today.


The trick is finding a robust solution you can still afford without paying a hefty price tag for a subscription only broadcasters can afford.


RECnGO is a serverless solution that puts you in full control of your productions. 


The quality of your live streams depend firstly on your internet connection, and secondly on your hardware. 


With a generous 10-second buffer even if your internet connection cuts for a few moments, your viewers will never notice (thanks to the automatic bitrate balancing).


Our experience of over 7K productions in the last decade has gone into developing the app so you can make glitch-free video recordings and live streamings.


Every time.

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Q: OBS studio does pretty much the same. Why do I need this app?

We love OBS studio as much as you do.


But try using OBS to hook up a few devices, cameras, and stands on an outdoor event on the beach or in a park…


Most videographers need more flexibility than being weighed down by cables, stands and kit only a van can transport. 


The RECnGO app is a phenomenal tool in your run-and-gun kit.


You get to do production on the run but do it like a gun–on a tight schedule, with limited prep and resources.


As much as we love OBS studio, it’s not going to be helpful for running a biz out of your backpack.

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Q: I’ve tried similar apps. Most of them suck and crash before I even press record. If they don’t crash then they have limited features and I still end up kitbashing. When something does everything I want, then it’s probably a couple of hundred bucks a month to subscribe to it… which doesn’t make sense for me right now.

There are some excellent livestreaming & video recording apps available for professionals today and we appreciate a good app when we see one.


As powerful as these solutions may be, their astronomical costs are simply out of range for many businesses.


The RECnGO video production app ticks all the boxes pro videographers like to tick… but has a price tag that fits most budgets, especially if you run a lean business. 


Imagine handing over a production to a client straight after the event (with logos, transitions, B-rolls, music and slides included) just as people are finishing their drinks and packing their bags to go home.


All work done on the spot and wrapped up… by you alone!


We offer a reliable and affordable mobile-first video production solution for businesses that don’t want to compromise on client satisfaction, quality, or profit (and why should you?)

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Q: I know people who use these types of apps and love them. But I still don’t see how I can get good enough audio without my trusted mics. Else, how am I going to cut out all hums and buzzes…?

You already represent a select number of businesses who appreciate that people tolerate bad audio even less than they do bad video.


Too many businesses can’t pay attention to those fine details because the solution is often deemed to be buying even more hardware.


For this reason, we’ve included insanely helpful features in the app, like managing the audio for every camera separately with the sound mixer–mute or balance the audio level for the entire production or just for the device(s) you need.


Without ever having to walk up to anything to adjust.


So now you can turn off the mic with a single tap the moment you see people launch into chit-chat near a mic (and ruining your live… we’ve all been there!)


… all you have to do now is decide where you want to sit and control all your devices.

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Q: How easy is it to use the app? Is it a steep learning curve? I don’t want to learn another OBS studio…

We provide on-demand tutorial videos for the most popular actions you’ll likely do with the app when you make a pro production.


There are some actions, for example, connecting to your FB or YouTube page that may require you to invest time to watch a 1-2 min video. 


For most people familiar with video editing, the app is easy to use because it’s intuitive.


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Q: How does the Pro subscription work?

Once you realize the power of running a business out of your backpack powered by a mobile recording studio app, you’ll most likely get more bookings and requests.


Subscribing to the Pro package is simple:


Depending on how often you’ll be using the app, you can get a weekly, monthly, or annual subscription.


The 7-day Gig pass costs $19.99. Monthly Pro plans cost $49.99 and annual Pro plans cost $349.99.


You may make a payment with a credit card via our secure checkout, managed by Stripe.


You can also pay with your Apple Pay or Google Pay account.


If you need to pause or cancel your subscription, and you paid via Apple Pay/Google Pay, you can do so anytime inside your Apple Pay/Google Pay account, without contacting us.

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Q: How can I pause or cancel my subscription?

We understand that you may have a seasonal business–or that sometimes you need to take a break.


When you’re on the monthly subscription plan, and you paid with Apple Pay/Google Pay, you can pause or cancel your subscription anytime inside your Apple Pay/Google Pay account.


You’ll get to keep your access to the Pro version of the app until the end of that payment period, after which your account will automatically revert back to the free version (that still lets you do productions with two devices!)

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Designed by pro videographers
for video content creators

If you need to produce high-quality, engaging live streams people love, then just know… it’s no easy task. 

Talented content creators simply can’t run several vans, pack them with rows of cameras worth thousands of dollars, and have post-production personnel on standby all year round… 

RECnGO is a phenomenal tool in your live videography toolkit to keep things lean and profitable.

We guarantee you’ll love its simplicity, efficiency, and what it’ll do to your live videos.

"Great for the real estate market... different camera views with optional images added result in a cool streaming. Also helps to avoid property tourists."
via App Store

Stunning live productions audiences love—yours in just a few clicks

You’ll never be left alone figuring out yet another app

Are you ready for a stunning video library, viral-worthy content,
& more visibility ?

Here’s the fastest way to pro live streaming and recording 
(in a matter of minutes)

All you have to do is 
decide which platform you’re streaming to next

… and livestream or record in studio quality in a matter of minutes.
For iOS, Android & Huawei devices.

RECnGO: Live stream like a pro
Pro streaming & videos