Connecting streaming platforms

Connecting your Facebook Account using the RECnGO App

Your Facebook account can be linked to RECnGO through either the RECnGO iOS or Android App.

To connect your Facebook Account using the RECnGO App:

  • Open the RECnGO App on your main RECnGO device. 
  • Once you are logged in, tap on your account on the top right corner.
  • In the dropdown menu, select Log in to Facebook and follow the steps.
    • If you already have a Facebook App on your device that you are logged into, the above steps should be very easy.

Note: The linking authorization for Facebook expires from time to time. You can easily reconnect your account in the iOS/Android App if you receive an error message concerning a user token or if you are prompted to do so. 

Changing the Facebook Account connected to RECnGO

How to unlink and relink a new Facebook account?

If you would like to modify the Facebook account associated to RECnGO, you can modify the linked account using the App on main RECnGO device. This article explains how to use the RECnGO App to switch or link a Facebook account.


Changing the Facebook Account connected to RECnGO

Visibility settings on Facebook

Changing the Facebook Account connected to RECnGO
  • Open the RECnGO App.
  • In the top right corner select your account
    • From the dropdown menu, select Log out from Facebook
    • Log in to the account on the Facebook App that you would like to connect to RECnGO.
    • Before proceeding, make sure that you are not signed into another account on your device.
  • Once you are logged in to the account you wish to connect, open the RECnGO App.
  • RECnGO will be linked to the account that you are currently signed into on your Facebook App.
Visibility settings on Facebook

In case it is the first time you are linking to a Facebook account; you may be asked to configure the visibility and to enable necessary permissions to share/post content. 

Please follow these guidelines:

  • Leave the visibility settings on Public, click OK. This is necessary because if you change this setting to anything other than Public, no one will be able to watch any videos you stream via RECnGO. Upon setting up the stream, you can modify the visibility settings for each individual video. 
  • On the next screen, select OK, to confirm posting content. 

Livestreaming to YouTube with RECnGO

The key thing to do to livestream to YouTube with RECnGO is to get a YouTube stream key. This feature is not provided by RECnGO as it is an internal feature of YouTube.

  • Tap on Create A New Project or open an existing one and tap Project Settings:
    • Enter general stream information; 
      • Project name.
      • Select orientation style; Horizontal or Vertical Video.
      • Select the desired streaming quality.
    • Under the streaming option, select YouTube as your target platform.
      • Paste your YouTube Stream Key 
    • Set your recording;
      • Pick Local Recording Enabled – if you would like your main device to record your stream.
      • Pick Remote Recording Enabled – if you would like your extra camera sources also to record the stream.
        • Remote recording works both when the device is live and also when it is not active.
  • Tap on Create Project or Save
  • Open Project and now you are ready to stream to YouTube.
  • Start recording by tapping on the red recording button.
  • Now that you have done that, your stream is live on YouTube. 
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