What is RECnGO?

RECnGO is a live video studio application that enables you to act as a one-person crew and produce professional live videos with multiple camera angles.

The application lets you record and/or livestream high-quality videos using your smart devices as camera sources, even as a cross-platform, which means you can use your iOS and Android devices simultaneously. You can publish on major social media platforms, connect directly to Facebook and stream to your profile, business page, or group (open or private), and/or you can also stream to YouTube (public or private) if you prefer. 

If you wish you can use up to 12 camera angles, sync them with the RECnGO App and switch between them using the Dashboard. You can edit your video on-the-go; add images, videos, or even captions/texts and graphics, with RECnGO you have a whole live video studio in your pocket.

RECnGO: Live stream like a pro
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